When Jane & Jade play Clue, they play to win.

for strannushka, here you go darling :3


Ya’ll ready to crash this game.


Ya’ll ready to crash this game.


GG: I think I’d be open to the idea, yes.

Trickster Jane in #10 p.s you're a total cutie


"Never jump into a pile of leaves with a wet sucker!"

this jokes probably been done before and i dont care

(alsoooo thank you anon! ;3; this was a good palette for tricksters!)


i bought a cute skirt today and I’m listening to some equally cute music so i did a thing


happy 4/13 everyoneee!! I drew up a pic of the birthday kids for the occasion


i wanted to draw jane in a maid outfit, but i couldnt decide on the colours so i just did all of them


Happy Birthday! You’ve grown a lot, and have been through so much!
Have an amazing 4/13.


Now say it like you mean it baby jane.

Because let’s face it…It’s true , she’s a hot mommah

a lot of females always say they hate her because jane reminds them of themselves: don’t hate yourself for these traits! they’re perfectly okay, and things are hard sometimes. it’s hard to be in love with someone who barely notices you, or it’s hard to have your family manipulate you. but these things are okay to have experienced and tried to ignore to protect yourself—just like janey did!

these things don’t make jane weak! she’s still a strong person who is funny, hot-tempered and starting to refuse to take any more bullshit. she’s just a human: with a rad taste in television!